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Video Conferencing 101?... The world needs you!

Is it safe to say that we need some video conferencing for beginners courses? Although the video conferencing platform has been around for a long time, it is only now that we have realized how little most common everyday people had been exposed to it. Many business professionals have been able to continue as if it were just another day at the home office, but a lot of blue collar and no collar workers along with everyone else for that matter are just starting to realize the full potential of video conferencing. This has led to some funny, entertaining and just bizarre moments on video calls. Unfortunately, many people that are now exposed to this "new" form of communication (zoom, hangouts, teams) are not quite familiar with basic video conferencing etiquette. As entertaining and innocent as it was at first, it is time to get this ship back on course. We need one of these unified communications (UC) titans to lead the charge and tell everyone to mute their mic when its not their turn to speak and to turn off the camera if you just rolled out of bed... there its been said.

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