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Would you like to Dongle? Barco Vs Mersive

We've seen this beef stewing for quite some time now and we can no longer look away or pretend like it doesn't exist. Barco has been a staple in conference rooms for several years now, and they have been very successful at what they do. Their Clickshare devices allow users to walk into a meeting/conference room, connect a usb dongle to their laptop and share wirelessly to a display with 2 clicks. No annoying HDMI or VGA cables to fuss with in every meeting. The video and audio quality have always been pretty good and continue to improve as resolutions on displays are enhanced at a rapid pace.

Then there is Mersive. They dropped a small black box called the Solstice pod into the market a few years back that took wireless presentation to another level. How you ask? Well the Solstice pod allows users to merely be connected to the same network as the device and you too can present wirelessly. Both Mersive and Barco have enough different flavors of their devices to tickle any office administrators fancy. Did i mention that both of these companies now provide bring your own device (BYOD) video conferencing solutions? This allows you to walk into a conference room with your laptop, connect a video call (Zoom, Teams, Meet) and use the conference rooms camera, microphone and monitor. All without having to deal with any wires. Well Barco does require you to dongle, but the dongle does have its advantages.

What we're trying to say is, its time to cut the conference room cord! Wireless presentation and conferencing is here and its solid. The only question is, who are you going with?

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